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what is Advantage of Externalization over Serialization

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Asked By : satyam Asked Date : Jun 15 2008
Brief Desc: what is Advantage of Externalization over Serialization
Details: what wiil happen , if u make use of Externlization

Replied By: das Replied Date : Jun 15 2008
Answer: public interface Externalizable
extends Serializable

Only the identity of the class of an Externalizable instance is written in the serialization stream and it is the responsibility of the class to save and restore the contents of its instances. The writeExternal and readExternal methods of the Externalizable interface are implemented by a class to give the class complete control over the format and contents of the stream for an object and its supertypes.
Object Serialization uses the Serializable and Externalizable interfaces. Object persistence mechanisms can use them as well. Each object to be stored is tested for the Externalizable interface. If the object supports Externalizable, the writeExternal method is called. If the object does not support Externalizable and does implement Serializable, the object is saved using ObjectOutputStream.
When an Externalizable object is reconstructed, an instance is created using the public no-arg constructor, then the readExternal method called. Serializable objects are restored by reading them from an ObjectInputStream.

Replied By: raj Replied Date : Jun 15 2008
If your requirements is like on create object you need to do some thing then use Externalizable because When an Externalizable object is reconstructed, an instance is created using the public no-arg constructor but Serializable not.

Replied By: Anand Replied Date : Jun 26 2008
Answer: You are right.

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