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Wrong answers in Mock Test JAVA!!!!!

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Category Java
Asked By : krishna Asked Date : Jun 17 2009
Brief Desc: Wrong answers in Mock Test JAVA!!!!!
Details: I found two questions which have right answers selected by me but result for them was wrong!!!
Explanation for those questions proves that my answers were right.
I have taken screen shot for those questions..if you want to see then I can mail.
Please update them in your database.
Questions were :
1)Which of the following can be used to define constructor for this class given the code :
public class Test{...........}
Options : a)public void Test(){..}
b)public Test(){..}
c)public static Test(){..}
d)public static void Test(){..}

My answer: b
Your answer : a

2)What is the output?
public class Test{
public static void main(String... args)
public static void printUs(String abc,String..args)
System.out.println("Var args method");
for(String s: args)

a)Var args method
b)Var args method
c)Runtime Exception
d)Compile with Error

My answer : b
Your answer a

Replied By: Marco Farrugia Replied Date : Sep 5 2012
Answer: I confirm what is said above and agree with the answers given by krishna. Can someone correct these mistakes?

Replied By: Marco Farrugia Replied Date : Sep 5 2012
Answer: The question below also has an incorrect answer:

public enum Test {
BREAKFAST(7, 30), LUNCH(12, 15), DINNER(19, 45);

private int hh;

private int mm;

Test(int hh, int mm) {
assert (hh >= 0 && hh <= 23) : "Illegal hour.";
assert (mm >= 0 && mm <= 59) : "Illegal mins.";
this.hh = hh;
this.mm = mm;

public int getHour() {
return hh;

public int getMins() {
return mm;

public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println(t.getHour() +":"+t.getMins());
My answer: A
Your answer: B

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