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Freshers/Beginners Interview Questions and Answers

(1)  PL/SQL collections - Nested, Varrays, Asso Arrays - Equivalent in database

(2)  SQL, PL/SQL AND SQL Plus Questions

(3)  DB Interview Questions

(4)  Forms Reports and Oracle Interview Questions

(5)  Developer 2000 Forms Reports Graphics and Oracle Questions Answers

(6)  Oracle SQL PL/SQL DBA Forms and Reports Interview Questions with Answers

(7)  Oracle Forms Reports Questions and Answers

(8)  Oracle Interview Questions for Freshers, Experienced and Oracle DBAs

(9)  Oracle Questions used in Java Interviews

(10)  SQL and Oracle practice sets

(11)  Questions and Answers on DBMS, Oracle, SQL and PL/SQL

(12)  SQL PL/SQL Oracle mostly asked questions

(13)  PL/SQL Frequently asked questions

(14)  DBMS: Scenario based questions

(15)  Database Management Frequentlt asked questions: Set-2

(16)  Database Management Frequentlt asked questions: Set-1

(17)  Oracle SQL PL/SQL Multiple Choice Questions

(18)  What is the difference between TRUNCATE between DELETE IN Oracle?

(19)  What is the difference between hibernate and spring JDBC template? List any advantages and disadvantages

(20)  How to verify free space in tablespaces

(21)  How to check free, pct_free, and allocated space within a tablespace

(22)  How to analyze tables and indexes quickly, using a 5% sample size

(23)  How to find out any object reaching threshold ?

(24)  How to identify space-bound objects ?

(25)  How to find tables without Primary Key constraint

(26)  How to find out which primary keys are disabled ?

(27)  How to find tables with nonunique PK indexes ?

(28)  How to Rebuild indexes to have correct storage parameters ?

(29)  How to check datatype consistency between two environments ?

(30)  How to find out any difference in objects between two instances ?

(31)  How can I move table data from one database to another ?

(32)  How can I clone (copy) a table without copying the data (just the schema)?

(33)  How can I load data into Oracle tables ?

(34)  What causes SQL*Loader-625: Multibyte character error in control file when I run SQL*Loader?

(35)  What causes SQL*Loader-625: Multibyte character error in control file when I run SQL*Loader?

(36)  SQL*Loader doesn't run after I click the MS-DOS prompt in Windows, why ?

(37)  What versions are loaded on my machine ?

(38)  How to produce a delimited file from Oracle using SQL ?

(39)  Question: What Applications/Versions/Patch Levels are loaded on my machine ?

(40)  Question: What patches are loaded on my machine ?

(41)  What DB version is on my machine ?

(42)  What machine, server or instance am I using ??

(43)  How can I retrieve a random number ?

(44)  How can I see my PL/SQL output ????

(45)  Using SQL*Plus how can I produce a flat file without headings, feedback, etc ?

(46)  How you can Create a duplicate TABLE of an existing Table

(47)  2. What is a Data mart?

(48)  3. What are the various approaches of building a Data warehouse?

(49)  What is OLAP?

(50)  What is ETL?

(51)  What is the Difference between OLTP and OLAP?

(52)  What are the various Reporting tools in the Market?

(53)  What is Metadata?

(54)  What is Staging Area?

(55)  What is Factless Fact Table?

(56)  What is slowly changing dimension?

(57)  What is a Surrogate key?

(58)  What is a Data source?

(59)  What is Virtual Data Warehousing?

(60)  What is the difference between star schema and snowflake schema?

(61)  What is Data Profiling?

(62)  What is a Junk Dimension?

(63)  What is a Fact table?

(64)  What is a Dimension table?

(65)  What is fact constellation?

(66)  What are the different types of Data models?

(67)  How to move a file from one folder to other folder using SQLPLUS?

(68)  How to find the number of commas in the given String ?

(69)  sql query to retrieve the first day of the month...

(70)  Query to get the number of days between two dates is easy to get

(71)  Query to extract the given string 'a;b;c;d;e;f' as (a b c d e f)

(72)  . Following is the query Table 1 Col1 2 5 7 9 4 6 Query output to be as follows (row1+row2) 2+5=7 (row2+row3) 5+7 =12 (row3+row4) 7+9=16 etc etc

(73)  Following is the Query?O/P Wanted ! Table A ------- SNo Sname 1 a 2 b 3 c Table B -------- SNo Course 1 x 1 y 1 k 1 z 2 x 2 z 2 d 3 y 3 z 3 e I need the output in the following format where course is x or y or z. 1 x y z 2 x z 3 y z

(74)  The Follwing is the Query id date --------------- 1 NULL 1 NULL 1 NULL 2 NULL 2 21.03.2004 3 22.04.2003 3 10.04.2003 Want the id when the date is never filled Output shud return as ID 1

(75)  Following is the Query IF I HAVE TWO COLUMNS LIKE THAT ID COLUMN A COLUMN B 1 A 10000 2 Z 20000 3 I 30000 4 Z 40000 5 P 50000 6 D 60000 7 A 70000 8 P 80000 9 I 90000 Find the Query which will SUM THE COLUMN B, GROUP BY COLUMN A WITHOUT DISTRUBING THE SEQUENCE Output shud be as A 80000 Z 60000 I 12000 P 13000 D 6000

(76)  How to find only the duplicate records

(77)  Query to find the TOP N Analysis

(78)  Write a Query to display the Lowest & Highest in Sal column with following Conditions 1. Display 'LOW' in column SAL If SAL < 4000 2. Display 'HIGH' in column SAL if SAL > 4000

(79)  Partitions Queries details

(80)  Query to find the last day of the given date (format as mm-yyyy)

(81)  Query to find the current day of the week

(82)  Query to find the day of the week

(83)  SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH implementation and examples in Oracle 9i

(84)  Query to show all running SQL?s

(85)  Following is the query SQL> DESC PATH Name Null? Type ------------------------------- -------- ---- COL1 CHAR(1) COL2 CHAR(1) SQL> select * from path; Col1 Col2 ------ ------ A B B C B D C M D G M H R Y 7 rows selected. the result to be as follows B,C,C,M,M,H

(86)  Query as follows /* query asked */ Say in Table ?T? I have two colums ?A?, ? B? I want to get the sum of A based on values of B. I should get the sum in two buckets For B=0 And B not equal zero. Example A B ___ ___ 1 0 2 1 3 0 4 3 5 2 6 0 So I should get the result set as SUM (A) B ______ __________ 10 For B=ZERO 11 For B=NONZERO

(87)  Query as below /* query asked*/ If an employee taken continues leave from 25-Feb-2006 to 03-Apr-2006, we have to display the monthly leave breakup like Feb ? 4 Days, Mar ? 31 Days and Apr ? 3 Days. How to write a procedure, Please advice us. Record it will be store in Start Date : 25-Feb-2006 End Date : 03-Apr-2006 Notification Date : 25-Feb-2006 No of Days : 38

(88)  Query as follows I have a query as below: select quantity from material_table. quantity --------- 20 40 10 I want the query to return only first two records (i.e. to stop the query when the sum of quantity is 60 in this case).

(89)  Query to insert ?&? into a varchar2 datatype column

(90)  Query as follows /* query*/ iam having data in column called col1 ------ 23.23456 456.7894 123.3456 324.67845 like this i have 20000 records here in data after the dot i want only 2 digits with out rounding

(91)  Query to delete duplicate records from a table

(92)  Query to display date in 3 different formats

(93)  Query as follows /* Query*/ need to split a string into seperate values. eg. col1 col2 ---------- 100 - 'a,b,c' 200 - 'a,x,b,d,e' 300 - 'c' result: value count ------------- a - 2 b - 1 c - 2 etc.

(94)  Query to find the #week from the date given








(102)  Program to print reverse of values

(103)  Stripping part Numbers of unwanted characters

(104)  Program to generate Prime Numbers

(105)  Program for Fibonacci Series

(106)  create user defined datatype (arrays)

(107)  Procedure to check for PALINDROME and to print the reverse of the string

(108)  Procedure for scope of variables

(109)  Procedure with GOTO statement

(110)  Procedure with TOO_MANY_ROWS error handling

(111)  Procedure with USER-DEFINED EXCEPTIONS

(112)  Procedure with RECORDS

(113)  Procedure with EXCEPTIONS

(114)  Procedure to select 1st 'n' higest persons & salaries using PL/SQL

(115)  Procedure to find the nth maximum salary use PL/SQL

(116)  Procedure with parameterized cursors

(117)  parameterized cursor with DEFAULT OPTION

(118)  parameterized cursor with DEFAULT OPTION another option

(119)  Procedure using WHERE CURRENT OF CURSOR

(120)  Procedure to delete rownum 6 to 9 and update 10 to end using the WHERE CURRENT OF CURSOR


(122)  Procedure Non-Stored Program Units with the "IN PARAMETER" ## IN parameter data cannot be manipulated ## IN parameter can only receive a constant value from the main program ## IN parameter does not return any value to the calling program

(123)  Procedure Non-Stored Program Units with the "OUT PARAMETER"

(124)  Procedure Non-Stored Program Units with the "IN OUT PARAMETER"

(125)  Procedures with FUNCTIONS


(127)  Calling a stored procedure within the main procedure

(128)  FUNCTIONS AS STORED PROGRAM UNITS : insert a record into the table emp1 for job = 'MGR' and sal >5000 - if sal <5000 return false and don't insert


(130)  What are the various types of Exceptions ?

(131)  Can we define exceptions twice in same block ?

(132)  What is the difference between a procedure and a function ?

(133)  Can you have two functions with the same name in a PL/SQL block ?

(134)  Can you have two stored functions with the same name ?

(135)  What are the various types of parameter modes in a procedure ?

(136)  What is Over Loading and what are its restrictions ?

(137)  Can functions be overloaded ?

(138)  Can 2 functions have same name & input parameters but differ only by return data type

(139)  What are the constructs of a procedure, function or a package ?

(140)  Why Create or Replace, and not Drop and recreate procedures ?

(141)  Can you pass parameters in packages ? How ?

(142)  What are the parts of a database trigger ?

(143)  What are the various types of database triggers ?

(144)  What is the advantage of a stored procedure over a database trigger ?

(145)  What is the maximum no. of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement ?

(146)  Can views be specified in a trigger statement ?

(147)  What are the values of :new and :old in Insert/Delete/Update Triggers ?

(148)  What are cascading triggers? What is the maximum no of cascading triggers at a time?

(149)  What are mutating triggers ?

(150)  What are constraining triggers ?

(151)  Describe Oracle database's physical and logical structure ?

(152)  Can you increase the size of a tablespace ? How ?

(153)  What is the use of Control files ?

(154)  What is the use of Data Dictionary ?

(155)  What is a package cursor ?

(156)  If you insert a row in a table, then create another table and then say Rollback. In this case will the row be inserted ?

(157)  What are the various types of queries ?

(158)  What is a transaction ?

(159)  What is implicit cursor and how is it used by Oracle ?

(160)  What is PL/SQL?

(161)  Is there a limit on the size of a PL/SQL block?

(162)  Can one read/write files from PL/SQL?

(163)  PL/SQL interview questions

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