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OCA 10g Success Kit Features:

23 set mock test topic wise:
Mock Exam questions are based on the certification exam pattern and are used to practice for the actual exam.
In the Exam Preparation Kit, you would find 594+ Unique Questions spread across 23 mock exams with explanations.
6 set of full length mock test:
Challenge your mind and know if you are prepared. These tests follow the actual exam pattern.
594+ challenging and realistic practice exam questions:
Try these questions, they are challenging, realistic and guaranteed to help you pass the certification exam.
Detailed explanations :
Detailed explanations for the questions which cover details issues.
Customizable exam :
You van set the timming to test your self.
Random question sequence & answer choices :
Please do not even try to memorize the answers for each question. It is not going to help. Our aim is to help you learn and not memorize answers.
We cover all types of questions :
Multiple Choice (Single Response) ,Multiple Choice (Multiple Response) .
Review Options :
You can review your exams and prepare best. You can adjust time for mock test.
Detailed Explanation with Every Question:
For each and every question you would find explanations which clear your concept.
Guaranteed Success!!! :
200% Test-Pass Guarantee

ORACLE OCA 10g Admin-I (1Z0-042) Certification Exam

ORACLE OCA 10g Admin-I Certification Practice Exams
  • Detailed Explanation with Every Question !!!
  • 23 Full Length Simulated Tests !!!
  • 594+ challenging and realistic practice exam questions !!!
  • Comprehensive questions and answers about 1Z0-042 exam
  • 1Z0-042 exam questions accompanied by exhibits
  • Verified Answers Researched by Industry Experts and almost 100% correct
  • 1Z0-042 exam questions updated on regular basis
  • Same type as the certification exams, 1Z0-042 exam preparation is in multiple-choice questions .
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    ORACLE OCA 10g Admin-I (1Z0-042) Certification Exam

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    Topics covered ORACLE OCA 10g Admin-I (1Z0-042) Mock Exam Kit
    Administering Database Users (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-1   Backing Up an Oracle Database (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-2    Configuring Oracle Networking (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-3    Configuring the Database for Backup and Recovery (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-4    Creating an Oracle Database (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-5   Dealing with Locking (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-6   Installing Oracle Database 10g (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-7   Interfacing with the Oracle Database and processes (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-8   Managing Database Objects (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-9   Managing Database Performance (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-10   Managing Oracle Processes (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-11  Managing Shared Servers (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-12   Manipulating Database Data (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-13  Monitoring Oracle (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-14   ORACLE Basic Concepts (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-15  Programming Oracle with PL/SQL (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-16    Recovering Oracle Databases (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-17   Securing the Oracle Database (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-18   Undo Management (OCA ORACLE 10g Admin-I) exam Set-19   
    OCA 10g Admin-I Success Kit - Installable Simulated Test Topics are

    Our OCA 10g Admin-I (1Z0-042) Success Kit Covered the Syllabus
    OCA ORACLE 10G ADMIN-I (1Z0-042) Exam ObjectiveOCA ORACLE 10G ADMIN-I Success Kit Covered the Syllabus
    Architecture Yes
    Installing the Oracle Database Software Yes
    Creating an Oracle Database Yes
    Managing the Oracle InstanceYes
    Managing Database Storage Structures Yes
    Administering User Security Yes
    Managing Schema ObjectsYes
    Managing Data and Concurrency Yes
    Managing Undo DataYes
    Implementing Oracle Database Security Yes
    Configuring the Oracle Network Environment Yes
    Proactive Maintenance Yes
    Performance Management Yes
    Backup and Recovery Concepts Yes
    Performing Database BackupYes
    Performing Database Recovery Yes
    Performing Flashback Yes
    Moving Data Yes

    Windows OCA 10g Admin-I (1Z0-042) Success Kit (installable) -

    23 sets of mock exams, 594+ Realistic Questions and explanations and reviews - Install and enjoy.

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    Tips and Tricks

    *Try to get a group together to study with, it makes it easier.
    *practice using techfaq360 full version mock test success kit are available.

    Benefit of buying techfaq360 success kit

    * To get idea how test questions are
    * To get Idea about the test
    * You can manipulate the user timer
    * You can choose randomly shuffle questions order
    * You can attend chapter wise mock test
    * To get idea about multiple choice questions

    * Questions with explanations and review option
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    Books you can refer

    OCA Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals I Exam Guide: Exam 1Z0-051 (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)


    About OCA DBA 10g certification exam

    OCA DBA 10g is an entry level certification specifically designed to certify foundation skills required for database administration or application development. details
    This certification is the first step towards the more advanced OCP 10g certification.

    Benefits of OCA DBA 10g certification

    OCA DBA 10g certification proves your expertise on the ORACLE products and technologies.
    Professionals holding the OCA DBA 10g certification are preferred by the employers and they also get preference in promotions.
    OCA DBA 10g certification is helpful for professionals who want to upgrade their credentials and get recognition from the industry.
    OCA DBA 10g certification proves your expertise on the ORACLE products and technologies to get paid more.

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