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OOPs and Design Pattern interview questions

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  • What is Abstract Factory Pattern ? With Code Example ? view answer

!!! OOPs and Design Pattern interview questions !!!

What is Abstract Factory Pattern ? With Code Example ?

abstract factory returns the factory of classes.Abstract Factory Pattern provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme.This pattern separates the details of implementation of a set of objects from its general usage. public abstract class Person(){ public void read();}
public class Student extends Person(){ public void read(){ System.out.println("Student Read");}}
public class Professor extends Person(){ public void read(){ System.out.println("Professor Read");}}
public class Librarian extends Person(){ public void read(){ System.out.println("Librarian Read");}}
// Factory Class
public class InstanceFactory{
    public Person getInstance(String code){
            return (Person)(new Student ());
                return (Person)(new Professor ());
                } if(code.equals("LB")){
                    return (Person)(new Librarian());
                    In the
                    Client.java class
                    }when you need Student Object call Person st = InstanceFactory.getInstance("ST");
                    System.out.println(st.read());Print : Student Read
                    Like otherswhen you need Professor Object call Person pf = InstanceFactory.getInstance("PF");
                    System.out.println(pf.read());Print : Professor Read

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