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OOPs and Design Pattern interview questions

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!!! OOPs and Design Pattern interview questions !!!

What is Adapter pattern ?

The Adapter pattern is typically used to allow the reuse of a class that is similar, but not the
same, as the class the client class would like to see. Typically the original class is capable of
supporting the behavior the client class needs, but does not have the interface the client
class expects, and it is not possible or practical to alter the original class. Perhaps the source
code is not available, or it is used elsewhere and changing the interface is inappropriate.
Here is an example that wraps OldClass so a client class can call it using a method,
NewMethod() defined in NewInterface:
public class OldClassAdapter implements NewInterface {
private OldClass ref;
public OldClassAdapter(OldClass oc)
ref = oc;
public void NewMethod()

Example :

interface Contact{
    public String getLastName();

//adapter class to connect old interface and get the value
class ContactAdapter implements Contact{
    private DataBaseContactInf contact;
    public ContactAdapter()
        contact = new DataBaseContactImpl();
        public String getLastName(){
            return contact.getLName();

    //old interface and classs
interface DataBaseContactInf {
    public String getLName();
class DataBaseContactImpl implements DataBaseContactInf {
    public String getLName() {
        return "das";

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