PMP5 Success Kit

PMP Success Kit

Simulated Practice Tests are the closest you can get to the actual PMP Certification Exam,Prepared by certified PMPs. Each Simulated Test provides all the features of a Full length PMP Certification Exam.


  • Realistic Questions and Detailed Explanations.
  • 1600+ Sample PMP Questions.
  • 21 sets of mock exam sets !!!
  • 5 sets of full length mock test ( each test has 200 questions)
  • 16 sets of subject wise mock test( each subject has 1 mock exam)
  • Comprehensive Reports for PMP Certification Preparation for Online Tests.
  • Questions are based on PMBOK 5th Edition.
  • 100% Syllabus Covered.
  • Unlimited Access, Review Answers and Score.
  • Practice Tests helps you to be mentally prepared to take the exam.
  • Pass PMP on first try OR Money Back
  • PMP CAPM SCJP SCWCD OCA Test Pass Guarantee

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PMP 5th Edition Exam Success Kit Features:

21 sets of mock test topic wise:
Mock Exam questions are based on the certification exam pattern and are used to practice for the actual exam.
In the Exam Preparation Kit, you would find 1600+ Questions spread across 22 mock exams with explanations.
5 sets of full length mock test:
Challenge your mind and know if you are prepared. These tests follow the actual exam pattern.
16 sets of subject wise mock test:
Challenge your mind and know if you are prepared. These tests follow the actual exam pattern.
1600+ challenging and realistic practice exam questions:
Try these questions, they are challenging, realistic and guaranteed to help you pass the certification exam.
Detailed explanations :
Detailed explanations for the questions which cover details issues.
Customizable exam :
You van set the timming to test your self.
Random question sequence & answer choices :
Please do not even try to memorize the answers for each question. It is not going to help. Our aim is to help you learn and not memorize answers.
We cover all types of questions :
Multiple Choice (Single Response).
Review Options :
You can review your exams and prepare best. You can adjust time for mock test.
Detailed Explanation with Every Question:
For each and every question you would find explanations which clear your concept.
Guaranteed Success!!! :
200% Test-Pass Guarantee

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This test help you to understand PMP exam format. Free 200 questions test. This test includes all the final PMP Exam features including Marking Questions,Dummy Questions , Countdown timer and more.

Try Free - download 1 set (100 Questions) pdf out of 22 sets ( PMP Final Mock Test.pdf )

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Tips and Tricks to pass PMP Exam

  • Attend Practice Tests - as much as possible.
  • Read the question and each possible answer in its entirety prior to selecting an answer. Select the best answer to each question based on the response that seems to adhere to the PMBOK and PMI.
  • No matter what, you have to answer all questions based on PMI and PMBOK point of view
  • Do not Spend Time on Lengthy and Formula Questions
  • More than one answer might seem plausible and correct. Select the best answer from those provided rather than aiming for the "correct" answer. In some cases multiple choices among the available answers might seem equally valid, so it is important to rule out obviously incorrect choices to narrow your options.
  • Don't just mark a question, choose an option as well
  • If more than one answer seems logical, look for an answer that includes both responses. Some of your choices include "Both X and Y," "Neither X nor Y," "All of the above," or "None of the above." The inclusion of a choice that includes multiple answers does not mean it is the correct answer. Some of the choices can be tricky in this regard.
  • Likewise, many of the available choices include terminology, concepts, and processes endorsed by the PMBOK and PMI
  • During the actual computerized exam, you can mark questions for later review and/or make multiple passes through the exam.
  • Try to get a group together to study with, it makes it easier.
  • practice using TechFAQ360 full version mock test success kit. Read each question carefully.

  • PMP Exam Structure

    Percentage of Questions for PMP Exam

  • Initiation 13%
  • Planning 24%
  • Executing 30%
  • Monitoring and Controlling 25%
  • Closing 8%

    Total 100%

  • Exam constitutes of 200 multiple choice questions. Each question will have 4 multiple choice answers to choose. Out of those 200 questions 25 questions would not effect your scoring. No negative marking, so don't leave any question without answer.Aspirant should get 106 right answers.
  • If you score over 75% in the Practice Tests, then you have a very good chance of successfully clearing PMP exam.