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Project Scope Management Processes is a group of processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project.

The term "Scope" may refer to
•Product Scope: The features and functions that are to be included in a product or service.
•Project Scope: The work that must be done in order to deliver a product with the specified features and functions.
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Question - 32

You and your team have worked hard and are about to successfully deliver the project.The customer is also happy with the deliverables and overall everyone is happy with how the project was delivered.You have written up the prformance reviews of each individual in the project team .As a Project Manager in your current organization you know that the team will get disbanded and in the next project you may not get the same team members who so successfully delivered the current project.What kind of Organization Structure does this represent?
1.Weak Matrix
2.Balanced Matrix

Correct Answers are : 3
Explanation :

This represents a Projectized Organization structure.In a Porjectized organization teams are disbanded at the end of the project.In a Functional organization teams report to the Functional manager and are never disbanded.They continue in their own departments and continue to report to the Functional Manager.A weak matrix organization is very similar to a Functional Organization and role of Project Manager is limited.IN a balanced matrix organization staff reports to a Project manager and a Functional Manager - in the question above there is no mention of a functional manager - so Balanced Matrix is also not the correct option.Hence the answer is Projectized - Option C

Question - 38

You are the project manager of a global project having team members in the US and India. The client has a budget not exceeding $12 million. Due to global concerns, the final budget must be in the U.S. dollars. This is an example of which of the following?
2.Budget constraint
3.Management constraint
4.All of the above

Correct Answers are : 2
Explanation :
B is the correct answer.

This is an example of a budget constraint. The budget must not exceed $12 million.

Question - 46

You are the project manager for a project to create a new product for the marketing industry. You recently came to know that a competitor is also working on a similar project with an additional web-based tool, which your project does not offer. You initiate a change request to update your project. This is an example of:
1.A change due to an external event
2.A change due to an error and omission in the initiation phase
3.A change due to an error or omission in the planning phase
4.A change due to a legal issue

Correct Answers are : 1
Explanation :
A is the correct answer.

The change is requested to remain competitive with the competition an external event.

Question - 48

You are the project manager of a project and you have finished the project scope according to the plan. For the customer to accept the project what must happen next?
1.Scope review and verification should be conducted
2.POC should be assigned
3.Lessons learned should be finalized
4.None of the above

Correct Answers are : 1
Explanation :
A is the correct answer.

Scope review and verification should be conducted with the customer to get the formal acceptance of the product.

Question - 49

You are the project manager of a large project. Your project sponsor and management want portions of the project to be outsourced and you have been given the responsibility to outsource. The project sponsor and management have approved you to outsource portions of the project. Who must ensure that all of the project work is authorized, contracted properly, and funded?
1.Project sponsor
4.Project Manager

Correct Answers are : 4
Explanation :
D is the correct answer.

Project manager has the responsibility to ensure that the project work is authorized, contracted, and funded.

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