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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer (1Z0-804 OCPJP 7) Exam Success Kit

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600+ OCPJP7 realistic practice exam Questions with Detailed Explanation


OCPJP7 Exam Success Kit
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  • Topics covered by our installable simulated Java SE 7 Programmer II (1Z0-804) Exam Success Kit

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    OCPJP7 (1Z0-804) Exam Success Kit

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    Topics covered by our installable simulated Java SE 7 Programmer II (1Z0-804) Exam Success Kit
    Java Class Design
    [ ] Use access modifiers: private, protected, and public
    [ ] Override methods
    [ ] Overload constructors and other methods appropriately
    [ ] Use the instanceof operator and casting
    [ ] Use virtual method invocation
    [ ] Override methods from the Object class to improve the functionality of your class
    [ ] Use package and import statements

    Advanced Class Design
    [ ] Identify when and how to apply abstract classes
    [ ] Construct abstract Java classes and subclasses
    [ ] Use the static and final keywords
    [ ] Create top-level and nested classes
    [ ] Use enumerated types

    Object-Oriented Design Principles
    [ ] Write code that declares, implements and/or extends interfaces
    [ ] Choose between interface inheritance and class inheritance
    [ ] Develop code that implements "is-a" and/or "has-a" relationships.
    [ ] Apply object composition principles
    [ ] Design a class using the Singleton design pattern
    [ ] Write code to implement the DAO pattern
    [ ] Design and create objects using a factory, and use factories from the API

    Generics and Collections
    [ ] Create a generic class
    [ ] Use the diamond syntax to create a collection
    [ ] Analyze the interoperability of collections that use raw type and generic types
    [ ] Use wrapper classes and autoboxing
    [ ] Create and use a List, a Set and a Deque
    [ ] Create and use a Map
    [ ] Use java.util.Comparator and java.lang.Comparable
    [ ] Sort and search arrays and lists

    String Processing
    [ ] Search, parse and build strings
    [ ] Search, parse, and replace strings by using regular expressions, using expression patterns for matching limited to: . (dot), * (star), + (plus), ?, \d, \D, \s, \S, \w, \W, \b. \B, [], ().
    [ ] Format strings using the formatting parameters: %b, %c, %d, %f, and %s in format strings.

    Exceptions and Assertions
    [ ] Use throw and throws statements
    [ ] Use the try statement with multi-catch, and finally clauses
    [ ] Autoclose resources with a try-with-resources statement
    [ ] Create custom exceptions
    [ ] Test invariants by using assertions

    Java I/O Fundamentals
    [ ] Read and write data from the console
    [ ] Use streams to read and write files

    Java File I/O (NIO.2)
    [ ] Use the Path class to operate on file and directory paths
    [ ] Use the Files class to check, delete, copy, or move a file or directory
    [ ] Read and change file and directory attributes
    [ ] Recursively access a directory tree
    [ ] Find a file by using the PathMatcher class
    [ ] Watch a directory for changes by using WatchService
    Building Database Applications with JDBC
    [ ] Define the layout of the JDBC API
    [ ] Connect to a database by using a JDBC driver
    [ ] Update and query a database
    [ ] Customize the transaction behavior of JDBC and commit transactions
    [ ] Use the JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and RowSet interfaces

    [ ] Create and use the Thread class and the Runnable interface
    [ ] Manage and control thread lifecycle
    [ ] Synchronize thread access to shared data
    [ ] Identify potential threading problems

    [ ] Use java.util.concurrent collections
    [ ] Apply atomic variables and locks
    [ ] Use Executors and ThreadPools
    [ ] Use the parallel Fork/Join Framework

    [ ] Read and set the locale by using the Locale object
    [ ] Build a resource bundle for each local
    [ ] Load a resource bundle in an application
    [ ] Format text for localization by using NumberFormat and DateFormat

    Exam Number: Java SE 7 Programmer II (1Z0-804)
    Associated Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer
    Duration: 150 minutes
    Number of Questions: 90
    Passing Score: 65%

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