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Spring interview questions

!!! Spring interview questions !!!

What are the types of Dependency Injection Spring supports with Example?

Setter Injection and Constructor Injection .

The two major flavors of Dependency Injection are Setter Injection (injection via JavaBean setters); and Constructor Injection (injection via constructor arguments). Spring provides sophisticated support for both, and even allows you to mix the two when configuring the one object.

Setter Injection Example :
XML ----
<bean id="createCreditCard" class="springexample.creditcardaccount.CreateCreditCardAccount">
<property name="smsInterface">
            <ref bean="sms" />
        <property name="daoInterface">
            <ref bean="dao" />
Java Class : CreateCreditCardAccount : Setter and Getter
public SMSInterface getSmsInterface() {
        return smsInterface;
     * @param smsInterface The smsInterface to set.
    public void setSmsInterface(SMSInterface smsInterface) {
        this.smsInterface = smsInterface;
     * @return Returns the daoInterface.
    public DAOInterface getDaoInterface() {
        return daoInterface;
     * @param daoInterface The daoInterface to set.
    public void setDaoInterface(DAOInterface daoInterface) {
        this.daoInterface = daoInterface;

Constructor Injection Example:
<bean id="orderService"
<ref bean="orderDAO">

Java Class : OrderService

public class OrderService{
private OrderDAO orderDAO;
public OrderService(OrderDAO orderDAO){

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