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Java Tutorials

SCJP 1.5/1.6 Exam Kit
Topics Viewed
Q.What is garbage collection and the purpose of garbage collection in Java? view details 4612 times
Q.What are the Garbage collection algorithms in Java? view details 3767 times
Q.What is the difference between interface and abstract class? view details 3262 times
When we go for Abstract and Interface in Java? view details 4124 times
Q.What are pass by reference and passby value in Java? view details 2483 times
Q.Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList? view details 2649 times
Q.Difference between Vector and ArrayList? view details 2322 times
Q.Difference between HashMap and HashTable? view details 2705 times
Q.What is serialization? Explain with example? view details 2748 times
Parameters to follow Creating and Destroying Objects? view details 1963 times
Sigleton Double check locking. view details 2356 times
How to sort list of objects ( User Defined) using comparator? view details 2232 times
Why override equals() and hashCode()? view details 2640 times
What is difference between shallow copy and deep copy ? view details 3228 times
Eclipse Navigation Shortcuts Keys view details 2146 times
Exception Handling Basics view details 2914 times

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