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JDBC Tutorials

Q. What is Rowset ? CachedRowSet,JDBCRowSet and WebRowSet ?

A RowSet object is a java bean component and extends the ResultSet interface.
The RowSet is majorly classified into two types :

1. Connected Rowset :
The connected rowset as the name suggests in connected to the database connection object like the resultset.
The JDBCRowSet is the example of the connected RowSet.

2. Disconnected RowSet:
The disconnected RowSet only connects to the database whenever required and after finishing the interaction they close the database connection.

There are three types of RowSet :

A CachedRowSet class?
a disconnected rowset that caches its data in memory; not suitable for very large data sets, but an ideal way to provide thin Java clients.

Example :
CachedRowSet cachedRs = new CachedRowSetImpl();
cachedRs.setCommand("select * from employee");
while (cachedRs.nextPage()) {
while (cachedRs.next()) {

A JDBCRowSet class?
a connected rowset that serves mainly as a thin wrapper around a ResultSet object to make a JDBC driver look like a JavaBeans component.
JdbcRowSet jdbcRs = new JdbcRowSetImpl();
jdbcRs.setCommand("select * from employee");
while(jdbcRs.next()) {

A WebRowSet class?
a connected rowset that uses the HTTP protocol internally to talk to a Java servlet that provides data access;
used to make it possible for thin web clients to retrieve and possibly update a set of rows.

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